Stevie Pickering

Since graduating university I have continued to explore my passion for photography and what it is that keeps that passion alive. You may notice when looking at my portfolio that almost all of my work contains people in some way - this is because it is these people and their stories that I love to document.

Before university I took an interest in theater photography - I have always loved the theater and studied it along side my photography while I was at college. It was only natural for these two entities to join. I have been documenting theater productions on and off for around 6 years now and I still love every production I photograph.

My love of the theater and acting was something that followed through to my university projects. I side stepped away from theater and starting photographing the community of Cosplayers around me. Cosplayers are people who create costumes and dress up as their favorite characters - usually from Japanese anime/manga but also comics/films. These wonderful Cosplays are often vibrant and extravagant and the Cosplayers themselves often act like their chosen character.

I am now moving on to new sectors of photography where I am meeting lots of wonderful new people. I have been invited to share in some amazing experiences such as weddings, birthdays and festivals to document these beautiful occasions. I treasure these days the most as I get to meet new people and experience wonderful events with them and then have the joy of giving them the reminders of that day in photographs - I couldn't ask for a better job!

If you would like to ask me anything or get a quote then give me an email.


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